As part of Milestones Hospital, The Mews is a pioneering ward that represents a valuable opportunity for patients to improve their independent living skills while they progress in their mental health recovery through the receipt of medical care, occupational therapy and psychology.

  • An environment that is supportive of patients needs to enable them to achieve their greatest level of independence

  • Care is person-centered

  • Patients are kept fully informed of any new patients or changes that are due to take place within The Mews

  • Patients are invited to attend ward rounds on a regular basic to talk about their care

  • The staff are responsive to their needs and keep them updated on the progress of any requests or queries they may have



The Mews at Milestones Hospital

Milestone’s Hospital has created an innovative new step-down unit designed to provide a rehabilitation and reintegration service for women living with complex, challenging and severe mental illness.

The Mews facility offers hospital-registered flats for eight women who have a range of mental health needs but who are never-the-less ready to step down from a locked-inpatient setting.

The main Milestones Hospital is a 10-bed women-only holistic and bespoke unit in Norfolk. It offers individualised care that combines clinical treatment with holistic wellbeing, a familial environment and a high staff-patient ratio. 

The Mews unit also embraces Milestones long-standing philosophy of bespoke care, working collaboratively with women to help them fulfill their potential. Its step-down care programmes aim to help them pursue a meaningful life by engaging with the wider community while retaining the support they need from a team of skilled professionals. 

The transition into standard community living can be daunting. Often fear of change can trigger risk behaviour that can prevent the move forward. The Mews aims to provide a care pathway for women who are, or may have been, subject to a section of the Mental Health Act and have lived in a locked environment or who have broken down community placements.

An individualised care plan, supported by Milestones main services, will help women living at The Mews to build confidence and develop the skills needed to live in the wider community and achieve greater independence. Relatives, friends and carers are involved where appropriate to maximise reintegration.

The Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration Treatment Programme

RACRP is an intensive, inpatient-psychiatric rehabilitation-programmed dedicated to providing the support and services needed for individuals to achieve their best possible outcome and quality of life.

It aims to promote recovery and prevent repeated cycles of relapse and re-admission by helping women move towards informal status, whilst meeting their individual and mental-health goals. It also aims to increase self-esteem and self-efficacy as well as engaging appropriate family or carer support and links that help protect against social isolation, homelessness and institutionalisation.

The programme can include…

  • therapeutic, social and recreational opportunities

  • skills training and education

  • group therapy, recreational skills and psycho-educational groups

  • health screening

  • mindfulness

  • music appreciation groups

  • medication management

  • well-being therapies

  • work placements, including voluntary work

  • case management by a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team.