The Recovery Star is a tool Milestones uses for supporting and measuring change when working with adults of working age who are accessing mental health support services.

As an outcomes measurement tool it enables us to measure and summarise:


  • the progress being made by service patients.

  • the service being delivered through a project.


The Recovery Star is also an effective link-working tool. It is designed to support individuals in understanding where they are in terms of recovery and the progress they are making, providing both the client and worker a shared language for discussion mental health and wellbeing.


Core dimensions of the Recovery Star

The Recovery Star identifies and measures ten core areas of life:

  • Managing Mental Health

  • Self Care

  • Living Skills

  • Social Network

  • Work

  • Relationship

  • Addictive Behaviour

  • Responsibilities

  • Identity and Self Esteem

  • Trust and Hope

The Recovery Star helps to identify any difficulties people using services are experiencing in each of these areas and how far they are towards addressing them and moving on. The Star is reviewed every 4 – 6 months as a negotiated activity with the service user and action plans developed to support them in addressing the issues / concerns identified