Milestones is a small, women-only locked unit with a difference.  Traditional low-secure units can sometimes be overwhelming and distressing which can be counter productive and more expensive in the longer term. 


Instead, at Milestones we offer a familial and therapeutic unit with a high staff ratio. Care at our hospital in Norfolk is bespoke, holistic and genuinely seeks a long-term solution. Each care package is tailor-made and all necessary care is included as standard. 


Our bespoke approach means difficult-to-manage individuals who have failed to progress can be treated and managed more easily and ultimately more cost-effectively. 


This has resulted in a high success rate of placing people into voluntary and paid employment, completing formal educational courses and successful discharge into independent living after decades spent in

other hospitals. 

Milestones is a realistic alternative to traditional locked units. The hospital treats and supports women from age 18 with complex, challenging and severe mental illness who require admission under the Mental Health Act and continued care afterwards. 


Many of these women may have struggled to flourish within mainstream mental health or forensic services and now require a more personalised approach. 


This may be beneficial for patients requiring a step up from open wards or step down from other secure and forensic environments. 


Milestones also provides a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment for young women in transition from CAMHs to adult services.


Milestones offers a vastly different independent and bespoke option that simply cannot be compared like-for-like to locked rehabilitation. Milestones Hospital is so much more.

We have a unique wellbeing and healthy living approach at Milestones with a bespoke approach, high staff ratio and skilled practitioners working in a small, familial environment. 

The hospital is an essential mental health resource that’s often called upon as a real alternative to other traditional, low-secure, acute and forensic services that can no longer meet an individual’s needs.

Our deeply caring, familial environment pre-empts and prevents challenging behaviour rather than merely responding to it with seclusion and lock and key.  This approach can save money in the long term. 


Care at Milestones is tailor-made to meet every patients individual needs whether psychological, physical, spiritual, social and educational. We believe that by treating the whole self, the patient is empowered to help themselves to realise their full potential.  

We genuinely believe environment plays an important role in recovery which is why we are based in rural Norfolk. The high staff ratio means we can make good use of these picturesque, natural surroundings and fresh air to promote a sense of wellbeing. 


Patients at Milestones are detained securely, yet we balance this with the need to maintain their self-worth and sense of belonging.  Security is discreet so that  individuals feel comfortable, trusted and at home.


We genuinely care and want to help.  Milestones is a familial and therapeutic environment that integrates traditional medical treatment and psychological therapies with individualised wellbeing, healthy living and occupational therapies. 


All care packages are developed in consultation with the service user to ensure their individual needs are respected and valued.

Milestones is a small hospital enabling us to provided a truly bespoke service, rather than a one-size fits all approach – offering packages to suit individual needs.


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