Milestones is committed to facilitating the involvement of carers in the planning, delivery and evaluation of treatment and care.


Milestones defines a carer as 'an individual identified by the patient who provides emotional support and who the individual wishes to have involvement in their recovery.' 

People such as family members or close friends identified by the patient as important in their lives, can be significant sources of help and support before, during and after the patients stay at Milestones. It is important therefore, that  Milestones staff make every effort to ensure they are included in aspects of the patients care identified by the individual.


The patient will be asked on admission to identify their carers, and are informed that these are people who they may wish to have involvement in their care.


The carers identified will, with the patients consent, be notified in writing that they have been identified as having an involvement in the individuals' care. They will be asked to confirm in writing that they are agreeable to this.


Where the individuals wish to make an amendment by addition or subtraction from their list of carers the individual added or subtracted from the list will be notified in writing with the patients consent.

A carer can have access to the Health Record at the patients request. This will be facilitated and the Health Record may be viewed by the carer (excluding any correspondence or reports generated by third parties outside Milestones) in the company of a Nurse who will be on hand to answer any questions.


With the patients consent a carer may ask for an appointment with any of Milestones health care professionals to discuss the treatment and care of the individual. This will be facilitated at the earliest possible time convenient to both parties.


Where it is requested by the patient, carers are invited to be present at ward rounds, review meetings or any other gathering or conference which is convened to plan or review care.