At Milestones we will support you and encourage you in your journey towards recovery. We will listen to you and help you become confident and empowered. Milestones is a safe and comfortable hospital with lots of staff to help support you individually.

We are proud of our unique and effective philosophy which combines outstanding clinical care with a programme of healthy living and wellbeing treatments. Our familial environment will make you feel at ease. The staff team will treat you with respect, dignity and sensitivity – regardless of
your circumstances.


We provide whole-person care and tailor-make a treatment programme to help you from admission moving forward to a positive and focussed end goal. Milestones has a high success rate of placing people into voluntary and paid employment, completing formal educational courses and successful discharge into independent living after decades spent in
other hospitals.

Milestones is a holistic, healthy-living and familial environment which offers you a realistic alternative to traditional low-secure settings. It has a therapeutic and nurturing atmosphere with a high success rate of supporting patients to achieve the best possible life they can.


We treat women under the Mental Health Act and those who have successfully progressed to informal status. Many of you may have struggled to flourish within mainstream mental health or forensic services and now require a more personalised approach.


Our unique environment means that, if you are a younger woman moving out of child and adolescent services and into adult care, you will feel particularly safe and supported.


Your stay will be funded by the NHS and when you come to Milestones you will be assessed by the clinical team who will work with you to develop a treatment package that is tailored to meet your individual needs. This ensures you are respected and valued.

You will be offered traditional high-quality psychiatric, psychological, occupational therapy and medical services. Alongside this we offer an individualised programme that includes wellbeing therapies, specialist dietary help and fitness instruction – and plenty of staff to deliver these treatments.


As standard practice you will be registered with and assessed by the local GP upon admission with regular follow up health checks. Patients are also supported in accessing dentistry, opticians, hospital investigations and appointments.


There is a tranquil garden retreat where we offer gentle and supportive wellbeing therapies. Our therapist will talk you through all the available options. Milestones has an experienced physical fitness instructor who will help you develop a personal fitness routine.  Bespoke treatments or services that you might need, such as family therapy and other specialist psychological treatments can be sourced to meet your specific requirements.


We offer tasty and nutritional meals cooked by our own chef. You will be involved in deciding the menu at Milestones – along with input and advice from our dietitian. We can also offer the food you need when you have cultural or health dietary needs.


We recognise the importance of maintaining contact with your family, friends and carers. They can visit you at Milestones and we will check first that you are happy to see them and it doesn’t interrupt your treatment. Visits can also be arranged in the community where this has been agreed by your doctor. We value and respect your views when you are staying with us at Milestones, whilst working with you to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.



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