Milestones endeavours to provide the best care for patients whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment.


Milestones recognises the benefits of visiting prior to and during admission for both patients, carers and friends. We are flexible in supporting appropriate visiting arrangements. All visits need to be

pre-arranged with the hospital staff.s We


Pre admission

Once admission to Milestones has been formally agreed, Milestones encourages the patient and carer to make arrangements to visit.


Please contact the main administration department on 01603 782200 option 1. You will be directed to a senior clinician to arrange a mutually convenient visiting time.


This is a useful opportunity to ask any questions you may have or ascertain any additional information that you might need.


During Admission

Milestones recognises that contact with family, friends and carers can be an integral part of an individual’s recovery journey and is supportive in assisting service users in developing and maintaining healthy adaptive relationships.


We have flexible visiting arrangements outside of recovery programmed times.


All visits are to be pre-arranged with the ward staff. If visitors arrived un-announced we may not be able to facilitate the visit. If this is the case, alternative arrangements will be made. 


Milestones has identified visiting areas in order to maintain patient confidentiality and to promote a safe environment. Therefore, visiting will only take place in the designated areas.


It is essential for their own safety and wellbeing that visitors do not leave the visiting area during their visit.


A member of staff will be available to support the visit and provide any assistance required.


We ask all visitors to sign into the visitors book in the reception and leave personal belongings in the lockers provided.


Any food, beverages or possessions brought into the hospital for the service user need to be declared to the nursing staff prior to entering the ward.


The following items are prohibited. This list includes but is not prohibited to:

  • Mobile telephones

  • Ipads

  • Cameras

  • Lighters

  • Caffeine

  • Alcohol

  • Items requiring refrigeration

  • Sharps, for example; razors, scissors, nail clippers, blades

  • Medicines including over the counter items


Visitors are requested to declare to a member of staff any possessions taken from or given to patients.


On entering the premises, visitors must agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the establishment.


The information regarding the decision to exclude a visitor from Milestones is available to the CQC.


Child Visiting

It is the policy of Milestones to ensure the safety and welfare of any child visiting the unit or with whom patients have contact. Milestones is legally obliged to maintain a safe and appropriate environment and to report any suspicious circumstances around a child to the appropriate persons.


Any child under the age of 16 should be supervised at all time by the persons bringing them into the unit. No child under 16 is permitted onto the unit unless accompanied by an adult.


No child visitors should be allowed into the unit without prior arrangements.


Any visitor who wishes to bring a child to the unit should be made aware that the visit could be re arranged or terminated at short notice due to events occurring that maybe distressing to any visiting child.


Milestones staff have a duty of care in respect of patients and children and are required to report any concerns in line with company policy and procedure.


Milestones does everything it can to facilitate visits both inside and outside of the hospital. However, occasionally it is necessary to restrict visiting. This would happen for the following reasons:


a) Restriction on clinical grounds;

It will sometimes be the case that a patients relationship with a relative friend or carer is not therapeutic (in the short or long term) to an extent that discernible arrest of progress or even a deterioration in the patients mental state is evident and can reasonably be demonstrated if contact were restricted.


It can also be the case that there is concern with regards to the potential safety of the visitor to a disturbed patient.


b) Restriction on security grounds;

The behaviour of a particular visitor may be, or have been in the past, disruptive to a degree that exclusion from the hospital is necessary as a last resort.


A decision to restrict visiting is only taken in exceptional circumstances and where all alternative arrangements have failed.

If you have any questions regarding visiting Milestones you may discuss this with the ward staff or alternatively contact Richard Ferguson Ward Manager.