Our Vision Statement

To provide an excellent service for women with severe and complex mental health needs, to optimise their health and develop their skills, enabling them to return to their community 

Our values which underpin this and are used in recruiting prospective staff, to ensure their values are aligned to Milestones, are:-


Clinical Excellence

Driving optimal standards through a continuous cycle of learning and improvement


We see each patient as a unique person, listen to them and adapt our approach to care as appropriate


We work collaboratively with our patients, their families and key stakeholders



Be proactive, take ownership and responsibility, do what you say you will



We seek to do the right thing, through kindness and respect, whether for our patients, their families, staff or our commissioners

The Atarrah Project Ltd. is a small company. The Managing Director is John Enser. The Clinical Lead for the service is Dr Hannah Nearney, Consultant Psychiatrist. Jon Spoor, Argents Accountants, is the Financial Advisor to the Board.  All staff working in the unit either employed or with practising privileges are ultimately accountable to the Directors. Clinical Governance arrangements are the joint responsibility of the Directors and the Clinical Lead, employed by Milestones to oversee services.


The unit directly employs two Consultant Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapist, a Psychologist and other support staff including a Complementary Therapist and Sports Therapist.  In addition to the directly employed staff, the service will occasionally supplement the staffing establishment with individuals such as casual workers (bank staff), consultancy basis, or agency staff.  All such Therapists will be appropriately qualified, insured  and certificated by their regulating body. 


Milestones Office & HR Lead is a dedicated and suitably qualified individual, trained to provide Mental Health Act Administration in-house, also overseeing all general administrative, HR and health and safety requirements. Cleaning is provided in-house through a dedicated employee.


The aims and objectives of Milestones are as follows:


  • To provide assertive rehabilitation and recovery focussed services for women with complex needs, challenging behaviours, severe mental illness and personality disorder.

  • A safe, supportive environment for adult women and young women (18 -65) in transition from child and adolescent services.

  • Holistic wellbeing services including advice from a dietitian, community rehabilitation and fitness instructor.

  • Individualised, bespoke and flexible treatment provision and recovery plans.

  • Providing an opportunity to develop independent living skills in a highly supportive setting

  • Safe, empowering familial environment.

  • Realistic alternative to traditional locked units.

  • To work collaboratively with patients in developing mutually agreed plans of treatment and care.

  • To offer a wide choice of treatment options to patients, ensuring access not just to traditional psychiatric interventions but also a range of complementary therapies.

  • To place heavy emphasis on psycho-education as a means of empowering the patient to become active in the planning and evaluation of their own treatment and care.

  • To foster an environment of mutual respect and collaboration amongst the staff and patient group.

  • To foster an environment conducive to learning for both patients and staff.

  • To effect health gain and gain in psychosocial function amongst the patient group enabling a return to mainstream NHS service.



Milestones provides a full psychiatry service, Psychology Services, Psychiatric Nursing, a range of complementary therapies and pays close attention to the maintenance of a therapeutic milieu.  It is integral to the work of Milestones that patients are respected and valued as individuals and that their perception and experience of their life journey to date forms the basis of planning treatment and care.  Patients are expected to voice opinions with regard to the efficacy of their care plan and the day to day running of the unit.  These views may be voiced either in individual work with their key worker or in the regular community meetings.


Privacy and dignity is held by Milestones to be of paramount importance. Each patient has their own room (en- suite) to which they hold a personal key. Staff will work collaboratively with patients in assisting them where necessary to maintain their personal space in a reasonable order of tidiness and hygiene.  The patient’s room is otherwise regarded as their domain and staff will not enter unless invited or there is cause for concern.


Milestones believes that where appropriate it is essential to promote communication between patients and their relatives, carers, friends and representatives.


Milestones is an equal opportunities employer and promotes anti - discriminatory practice.



John Enser                                                      

Managing Director